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Pilates Therapeutics Appointment Forms

The following forms are designed to help us work together more easily:

Pilates Client Intake Form

Please print and fill out prior to appointment. Today is your opportunity to change your body, to help it heal to be the best body you were born to have. Thank you for believing in yourself. Lets begin your journey

Pilates Client Release form

Please print and fill out prior to appointment Blessings, Love and Peace So Looking Forward to connecting and working with you and your body

Pilates Session Form

Keep Track of your appointments

Spin Zone Cardio Testing

Spin zone Cardio Testing will help your find and target your heart rate for your body's needs.

Treadmill Fit Test

Include Gait Training and heart rate monitoring using Lever movement as well as Ifit HeartRate Monitor (price for LeverMovement Shorts is extra )

Redcord Suspension Training

The Body is always changing, using redcord will help prevent injuries as well as help to rebuild after.

Reformer Training Log

Keeping Track of what you progress on the reformer

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